How to Legitimately Beat the Casino Bonus System

Casino Bonus

If you’re new to the world of online gambling, you may have heard of the phrase “bonus” and “free money.” In some cases, you may have even seen the flashing red “BONUS” and “FREE MONEY” signs in a casino. The reason why these signs are flashing is because casino’s use them to lure you into their casino and once you are inside, they try to get you to make a deposit so that they can deposit the money into your bank account. This is where a casino bonus comes in, they can give you money (a bonus) just for being a new customer. The most common type of bonus in casinos is a welcome bonus and there are many different types of welcome bonuses in casinos.

All casinos have a welcome bonus, and all welcome bonuses include the following:

 “Sign up bonuses” or “free money”

 “Match deposit bonuses” or “matching bonus”

 “Welcome offers”

 “Gift cards”

 “Free spins”

“Free games”

 “Frequent cashier offers”

“Referral bonuses”

“Match bonuses”

“Free play”


As we mentioned, all casinos offer these types of bonuses and each bonus is different and has different offers and rules, but all of them will offer something. If you get a bonus from a casino, it’s important that you look at the terms and conditions of the bonus and look for things such as:

How much of your deposit (if applicable) will the bonus be?

When will the bonus expire?

What type of wagering requirements are there?

What is the wagering requirements for any “free games”?

What is the wagering requirements for any “free play?”

What type of playthrough requirements will be imposed for your deposit?

What kind of terms and conditions will there be?

The most important thing to look for is that the wagering requirements are reasonable. For instance, if you’re taking a match bonus, then a deposit of $25 is 100 times a $2.50 bonus, but it doesn’t mean that the wagering requirements will be 100 times. The first deposit you make to a casino will be treated as your initial deposit, and from that point on, if you make a deposit, it will be treated as a subsequent deposit. The more you play the more your wagering requirements will increase.

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The second most important thing to look for is the terms and conditions of the bonus. Some casinos will require you to make a certain amount of deposits or a certain amount of wagers before they will release the bonus. Some casinos will also restrict you to a certain number of free spins or free games or a certain amount of free play on your deposits. If you are going to a casino that is offering a match deposit bonus, then you want to know that the wagering requirement will be a reasonable amount for the deposit you made. This is because the more you play the more you lose so if the wagering requirement is too much, then you will be forced to “forfeit” the bonus you were promised.