Poker rooms – Safety first

Poker Domino

There has forever been a faith among some poker players that playing online poker is cheating. Conspiracy theories of all sorts have become particularly strong after the last two high-profile fraud events in online poker. Are we safe playing online? When browsing online poker forums, you can often come across entries about more or less likely theories “confirming” online poker frauds. While the claims that there is a threat of playing against colluding players is real (although it is also real in a live game), there are entries proving that after the payment of money is always followed  by a series Qiu Qiu Online  of bad beats have as much in common with reality as theories about the green men’s attack on Earth.

Software Offered by online poker

Software offered by the online poker site has a huge impact on the overall level of satisfaction with a given online poker site. Many poker rooms use the same poker platforms, and we look at them in detail and check all the pros and cons of playing in individual poker networks. No poker lover has to bother with the game full of errors and generally hostile software.

Poker Domino

Number of players

The number of players on a poker site Lapak Judi  is an important factor in describing every poker site – especially if you are not going to sit on the site and wait for hours to start a tournament or open a cash games table. Usually, there are numerous games at lower stakes available on most sites, but only some sites are able to offer large tournaments with guaranteed pots or high stakes games.


In most reviews, this is one of the most marginalized criteria for the evaluation of poker sites. Certainly, however, most players would prefer to play with weaker opponents and earn more money. Sometimes weak players register in large numbers on less-known sites.

Variety of games

If you only want to play No-Limit, then a variety of games doesn’t matter to you. After all, even if you are a hardened supporter of, we encourage you to play at least one hand in other variations of poker, such as Pot-Limit Omaha, or You may be surprised how much you will like a little variety. Some poker sites are definitely ahead of others in terms of the number of different types of poker offered. A full overview of the rules for most poker variations can be found on the policy page.