Tips to avoid being scammed when buying lottery online


Getting scammed while playing online lottery is a very common occurrence.To avoid these sort situations, read this article. Click here for ufabet.

Buyer profile

It is estimated that each online lottery buyer will spend about 50 euros, a figure that has increased by 60% in the last four years. Undoubtedly, this increase is influenced by the advantages of acquiring the ticket from the comfort of your own home, avoiding queues and the possibility of receiving an alert if our ticket is rewarded. Visit this site for ผลบอลสด วันนี้.

Regarding the profile of the buyers, the type profile of the online lottery buyer is that of a man between 30 and 60 years old (6 out of 10 buyers are men). The data surprises if we take into account that, precisely, it is women – also in this age group, that make the greatest number of lottery online.

What is common is the time of the transaction: more than half acquire the tickets in December. By autonomous communities.

The most common scams

Despite the advantages of buying the lottery online, the truth is that the purchase through the internet can carry certain risks. This is the case of internet scams. One of the most frequent usually occurs when the navigator, looking for a specific number, lands on a fraudulent website where he ends up buying a non-existent coupon. After the draw one of the most repeated is the “fake prize”. In this case, the criminals send an email or message to the user informing them that they have won. To collect it you must perform a series of actions that could compromise your security.

Tips to buy lottery online safely

Opting for a private (non-public) connection will prevent our data – personal, banking, etc. – from being easily intercepted. Something we should keep in mind when making any purchase through the internet. The same goes for public computers (from an office or library, for example). In any case, we must keep our computer security updated and with a good and updated antivirus.

Another fundamental aspect lies in reviewing the web security protocol. A very simple way to do it is to look at the url. Instead of http, every site should contain https. The presence of a padlock at the bottom of the window is another sign of security and that the page uses a regulated digital certificate that confirms its authenticity and that the data travels through it in an encrypted form.

We must resort to reliable, well-known websites that have verifications and opinions from other users. Let’s review the contact policy, the address from which the product starts, the amount of the purchase and shipping, and the delivery time.